Foundations of Arabic Grammar

Project: Foundations of Arabic Grammar

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Scope: Cover, layout design and typesetting

Category: Academic textbook; includes front matter; text in both English and Arabic; end matter and Cover design.

Notes: created a layout that for facing Arabic / English text, using a font provided by the college for this project, As this is text depend on the translation some of the pages will end up with space at the bottom and other pages may seem quite full. I opted for page heading on the side edges a rarely used area and only page numbers in the header. I used a beta font (at the time) for the Arabic text (Amiri) but it was a developed enough beta to have a fully working font for this book. Now Amiri is a fully complete font family that is among one of the best metal type interpretation of Arabic Naskh script. Another reason for this choice is that it closely matched the Arabic font of the original text.  The size follows British standard sizes for books to match the colleges other published books.