While we work mostly with publishers directly there are some academic publishing contracts specify that the author submit camera-ready copy (CRC) to the publishers’ specifications. While publishers may accept a CRC prepared in a word processing program, there is a dramatic difference in the appearance of a book prepared in Word and a book prepared by a professional typesetter in an advanced typesetting software. This insures adherence to the publishers style guide and a professional book production.

After investing countless hours in researching and writing your book, ensuring its accuracy, and having it professionally copyedited, the typesetting stage is, certainly, as critical. While it is true that scholars may care more about content than presentation, a well-typeset book can make a world of difference in the readability of the work; this, in turn, effects its reception in the academic world and its usefulness and longevity.

The Process

Contact us early to begin discussing your work. It can be helpful for us to preview a chapter of the text, to consider what size and typeface may be appropriate, or provide the specifications sent from the publisher. We will adhere to the publisher’s specifications or provide you with a fully designed book, complete with covers and front and back matter.

We work closely with you and/or your editor. When all editing has been complete and the text is final, the typesetting takes three to four weeks. Once it is typeset, you and your editor will receive a complete pdf to proofread. From this pdf, the index can be prepared; this will then be included and also proofread. From this point, it is off to the printer!