IJMES Transliteration Keyboard

Instructions for loading the Joy Keyboard for Mac OS

(macOS Big Sur 11.6 as well as the previous versions like Catalina, 10.15 or earlier)

Download the keyboard layout file (joy.zip) to your computer: and unzip it. You should get a file joy.bundle

Save file [ joy.bundle ] to the following file directory:

{computer name} /library/keyboard layout

Note  in the “finder” click on “Macintosh HD” on the left, then click on Library, click on “Keyboard Layouts”


Go to/ click on system Preferences / select Keyboard and select box to show input menu in menu bar.

Click on the “Input Sources” tab, On the bottom left click on “+” scroll down to “Joy keyboard layout” (it is alphabetical under Joy, after Jawi and before Kazakh), select it (check mark).

Now shut down your Mac (not restart, actually shut down wait for 60 seconds) and then turn on your Mac

NB: Since this is a system level change it needs a “cold” reboot.

N.B.B.: the joy keyboard layout was created using

Testing the keyboard

Start up MS Word or TextEdit with RichText format enabled

 On your system’s menu bar next to the speaker icon on the menu bar (very top right hand corner of the sceen) there is an icon with the flag, click on it and select Joy (this is the joy layout)

Now, test the diacritics—you should have the following:

option a is ā  | option shift a is Ā

option i is ī | option shift i is Ī

option u is ū | option shift u is Ū

option d is ḍ | option shift d is Ḍ

option h is ḥ  | option shift h is Ḥ

option s is ṣ  | option shift s is Ṣ

option t is ṭ  | option shift t is Ṭ

option z is ẓ | option shift z is Ẓ

option [ is ʿ Ayn is  (remember because the bracket is facing the direction the ayn/hamza should face)

option ] is ʾ Hamza

Left half brackets are as follows:

option shift [ is | option shift ] is

For Persian and Turkish

option k is ḳ | option shift k is Ḳ

option r is ş | option shift r is Ş

option c is ç | option shift c is Ç

option f is ż | option shift f is Ż

option g is ı | option shift g is İ (dotless ı / dotted capital İ)